SCAU painting and calligraphy society

A Family With Zealousness And Cheerfulness



Organize society activities.
Apply for site and tool.
Arrange member redeploy.


Collect and reserve the material.
Arrange duties of other members.
Make WeChat push on time.

Public Relations

Invite honored guest outside our school to participate our activities and pull the sponsorship for us.


Apply for the expenditure for activities and submit an expense account.


Contact with school member.
serve our members and neaten the materials of members.


Design the characteristic of society.Photo the activities.Make PPT and banner.

Academic Department

Academic department plays an vital part through our society.It is mainly in charge of teaching every members writing and painting and organize contest of painting and calligraphy so that our whole society’s members are able to obtain great progress in painting and calligraphy.In this department,you are sure to be experienced great enjoyment when learning by academic members.All of them are zealous and enthusiastic in painting and calligraphy with excellent strength.If you are interested in it,welcome to the academic tea party to interact with them.

Recent Activities

35 years party

According to the origin of the society.We have gone through 35 years.We celebrate in here with everyone who be fond in painting and calligraphy as well.

We have poem and musical art like lion dance, poem recitation, T show,  and Guzheng show plus handwriting.

We have current show as well.For example, there is a group which bring Fingertut shaking every audiences by its excellent effect.

The party is pretty well and it shows that not only We can do well in painting and calligraphy but also we are versatile and active.


Spring Outing

In the beautiful Spring.We set out to DA FUSHAN mountain to have an spring outing.

We Riding ,We barbecuing, We cooking ,We playing.

We ride flexibly by each of single bike.We ride frequently with when cooperating with another.

We barbecue together.Everyone is a chef,who can barbecue delicious delicacies

We gather together, play together as if we were an family.

Everyone enjoy themselves,it is a relaxing trip, a delicious feast and an increase of our friendship.

member meeting

In October,We had a member meeting.

It was a time when new member attending the society.

In that day we gathered together in the meeting room.

It was splendid on the stand and cheerfulness on us.

In the end, the chairman gave a simple speech which moved us a lot.Though We went through numerous difficulties ,We gained harvest and happiness.

We have confidence toward future.

We will contribute our strength to make our society better


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